Yoshimura, K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
183 Tridimensional Spectroscopic Observations of the Sun with a Microlens-Array Spectrograph 303 Suematsu, Y.; Imai, H.; Yoshimura, K.; Ishigaki, T.; Ueno, S.; Hayashi, T.; Ohtani, H.
369 Correlation between Increases of Magnetic Fluxes and Brightenings of Coronal Structures around Emerging Flux Regions 385 Yoshimura, K.
415 X-ray Bright Points Around Small Emerging Flux Regions 215 Yoshimura, K.
437 Imaging Observations of Coronal Magnetic Field by Nobeyama Radioheliograph 433 Shibasaki, K.; Narukage, N.; Yoshimura, K.
454 Soft X-Ray Loops Connecting Newly Emerging Magnetic Bipoles 245 Yoshimura, K.
456 Elemental Abundances as a New Source of Uncertainty of the Hinode/XRT Filter-ratio T and EM Analysis 133 Takeda, A.; Kobelski, A.; McKenzie, D. E.; Yoshimura, K.