Young, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 H alpha Variability on HK Aqr: Coronal Condensations or Plages? 375 Byrne, P. B.; Mathioudakis, M.; Young, A.; Skumanich, A.
351 Using the Parallel Virtual Machine for Everyday Analysis 481 Noble, M.S.; Houck, J.C.; Davis, J.E.; Young, A.; Nowak, M.
386 Jet Feedback in Clusters: Simulating the Interaction of Jets with Dynamic Cluster Atmospheres 327 Heinz, S.; Br├╝ggen, M.; Ruszkowski, M.; Young, A.; Levesque, E.
411 Parallelizing the XSTAR Photoionization Code 301 Noble, M.S.; Ji, L.; Young, A.; Lee, J.C.