Yuan, C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
117 Disk-Halo Interaction in Flat Galaxies of Stars 228 Griv, E.; Yuan, C.; Chiueh, T.
197 The Role of the IILR in the Structure of the Central Gaseous Discs 79 Yuan, C.; Leon, S.
245 The Dynamical Relaxation Time Scale of the Milky Way 280 Griv, E.; Gedalin, M.; Eichler, D.; Yuan, C.
316 Fine-Scale Irregular Structure in Saturn's Rings 129 Griv, E.; Gedalin, M.; Livertz, E.; Yuan, C.
323 Star Formation in the Central Regions of Disk Galaxies 67 Yuan, C.; Yen, D.C.C.