Title: The Twelfth Pacific Rim Conference on Stellar Astrophysics

Volume: 536 Year: 2024 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Hee-Won Lee, Seok-Jun Chang, and Kam-Ching Leung
ISBN: 978-1-58381-959-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-960-9

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Front Matter   
Front Matter Lee, H.-W.; Chang, S.-J.; Leung, K.-C.
Part I: Oral Presentations   
Kinematic Perspective on the Formation Process of OB Associations 3 Lim, B.
The Young Stellar Population in the Chamaeleon-Musca Dark Cloud Complex 9 Chen, H.-Y.; Chen, W.-P.
High-Energy Emission from Black Widow and Redback Pulsar Binaries 15 Sim, M.; Kim, G.; An, H.
Unveiling the Unseen: Challenges in Identifying Electromagnetic Counterparts to Gravitational Waves 23 Noysena, K.; Tanasan, M.; Komonjinda, S.; Boer, M.; Klotz, A.
The Early Flux Excess in the Light Curve of SN Ia 2021hpr: An Approach with the Companion Interaction Model 29 Lim, G.; Im, M.; Paek, G. S. H.; Yoon, S.-C.; IMSNG Team
Galactic Novae in the GOTO Database 35 Khamrat, S.; Noysena, K.; Surina, F.; Ackley, K.; Dyer, M. J.; Jimenez-Ibarra, F.; Lyman, J.; Ulaczyk, K.; Steeghs, D.; Galloway, D. K.; Dhillon, V. S.; O'Brien, P.; Ramsay, G.; Kotak, R.; Breton, R. P.; Nuttall, L. K.; Pall'e, E.; Pollacco, D.; Killestein, T.; Kumar, A.; O'Neill, D.
Near-Infrared Spectral Properties of Type Ib/Ic Supernova Progenitors and Implications for JWST and NGRST Observations 41 Jung, M.-K.; Yoon, S.-C.
Supernova 2023ixf: a Short Introduction 47 Yoon, S.-C.
Optical Light-Curve Modeling of Type II Supernovae and SN 2023ixf 53 Moriya, T.
Optical Analysis of SN 2023ixf: From 10 Years Before to 100 Days After the Explosion 61 Kim, S.; Im, M.; Pack, G. S. H.; Lim, G.; Chang, S.-W.; IMANG & SomangNet Team
Radio Emission from Supernovae as a Tracer of Mass-loss Activities of Massive Stars and Implications for SN 2023ixf 65 Matsuoka, T.
Radio Observations of SN 2023ixf with the Japanese VLBI Facilities 73 Iwata, Y.; Tominaga, N.; Moriya, T. J.; Maeda, K.; Matsuoka, T.; Yonekura, Y.; Fujisawa, K.; Niinuma, K.; Akimoto, M.
Close Binaries in Multiple Star Systems 81 Liao, W.-P.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhu, L.-Y.; Li, P.; Zeng, Q.-H.
Properties of the Optical Component Stars in X-ray Binary Systems 85 Zhang, J.; Qian, S.-B.; Zhang, G.-B.; Zhou, X.
Tracing disk instability in MAXI J1820+070 with MAXI/GSC, Swift/XRT, and NuSTAR 91 Saraswati, T. A.; Fadhilah, A. G. N.; Vierdayanti, K.; Premadi, P. W.
Deep and Low Mass-Ratio Contact Binaries and their Third Bodies 97 Liying, Z.; Shengbang, Q.; Wenping, L.; Jia, Z.; Xiangdong, S.; Linjia, L.; Fangbin, M.; Jiangjiao, W.; Azizbek, M.
Common Envelope Evolution of Massive Binary Stars : Constraints from the Quasi-Wolf Rayet Star System HD 45166 105 Jeong, Y.; Yoon, S.-C.
Hunting for Substellar Objects Young and Old, Rich and Poor 111 Chen, W. P.; Lalchand, B.; Sharma, T.; Chiang, P. S.
Stellar Models with Rotation at High Metallicitiy 119 Yusof, N.
Exploring the Emerging Ionized Cores of Pre-Planetary Nebulae with ALMA 123 Contreras, C. S.; Tafoya, D.; Fonfria, J. P.; Alcolea, J.; Castro-Carrizo, A.; Bujarrabal, V.
Thermonuclear Explosions on the Surface of White Dwarfs: a Multi-Wavelength View 131 Skopal, A.
Wind Distribution Asymmetries in the Quiescent S-type Symbiotic Binaries 139 Shagatova, N.; Skopal, A.; Kundra, E.; Komzik, R.; Shugarov, S.; Pribulla, T.
Raman Scattering of He II as a Unique Spectroscopic Tool of Atomic Hydrogen in Young Planetary Nebulae 147 Lee, H.-W.; Chang, S.-J.
Probing Multiple Populations of Globular Clusters: A Near-Infrared Approach with BOAO/KASINICS 153 Kim, H.-S.; Sung, H.-I.; Kim, T.-H.; Lee, J.-W.
Part II: Poster Presentations   
Sejong Open Cluster Survey (SOS) VIII. Dynamical State of the Open Cluster NGC 2302 161 Lee, Y.; Lim, B.
Optical and Infrared Observation of a Type IIP Supernova 2021qqu 165 Park, S. H.; Rho, J.; Yoon, S.-C.; Gutierrez, C.; Ravi, A. P.; Carter, R.; Geballe, T. R.; Hoeflich, P.; Tinyanont, S.; Bostroem, K. A.; Farah, J.; Howell, D. A.; McCully, C.; Newsome, M.; Gonzalez, E. P.; Pellegrino, C.; Terreran, G.; Kang, Y.; LCO and ePESSTO team
Period Variations of Contact Binaries in the Galactic Bulge 169 Hong, K.; Lee, J. W.; Kim, H.-Y.; Rittipruk, P.
Supercritical Accretion Properties In Pulsating Ultraluminous X-ray Source And High Mass X-ray Binary Pulsar 173 Putra, Y. I.; Vierdayanti, K.
Back Matter   
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