Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
497 Examining the Infrared Variable Star Population Discovered in the Small Magellanic Cloud Using the SAGE-SMC Survey 495 Polsdofer, E.; 1; 2; Seale, J.; Sewilo, M.; Vijh, U. P.; Meixner, M.; Marengo, M.; Terrazas, M.
528 Discovery of a High-Velocity Compact Cloud With Very High CO J=3–2/J=1–0 Ratio 103 Kanno, S.; Oka, T.; 1; Tsujimoto, 2. S.; Iwata, Y.; Takekawa, S.
528 A New Look at the High-velocity Compact Cloud CO 0.02–0.02 109 Iwata, Y.; Oka, T.; 1; Takekawa, 2. S.; Nakagawara, R.; Tsujimoto, S.; Roll, J. A.
532 Radio Astronomy Application Parallelism with Dask and Numba 605 Perkins, S.; Masoka, S.; 1; Bester, 3. L.; 1; Smirnov, 3. O.; 1; 3; Marais, P.