Abada-Simon, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
26 High Sensitivity; Dynamic Spectral Search for Flare Star Radio Bursts with the Arecibo Single Dish 319 Lecacheux, A.; Abada-Simon, M.; Belkora, L.; Dulk, G. A.; Bookbinder, J.; Bastian, T. S.; Louarn, P.
64 Comparison of Efficiencies of a UV Ceti-Type Flare Star; Solar and Planetary Radio Emission Mechanisms 339 Abada-Simon, M.; Lecacheux, A.; Louarn, P.; Dulk, G. A.; Belkora, L.; Bookbinder, J. A.
85 The Radio and Optical Flares of A.E Aquarii 355 Abada-Simon, M.; Bastian, T. S.; Horne, K.; Robinson, E. L.; Bookbinder, J. A.
93 Radio Emission from AE Aquarii 182 Abada-Simon, M.; Bastian, T. S.; Fletcher, L.; Horne, K.; Kuijpers, J.; Steeghs, D.; Bookbinder, J. A.
315 Far-UV FUSE Spectra of Peculiar Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables 142 Mouchet, M.; Bonnet-Bidaud, J.-M.; Roueff, E.; Abada-Simon, M.; Beuermann, K.; de Martino, D.; Desert, J.-M.; Ferlet, R.; Fried, R.; Gansicke, B.; Howell, S.; Mukai, K.; Porquet, D.; Szkody, P.
315 AE Aquarii Continuum Emissions from Radio Low Frequencies to Infra-Red 314 Abada-Simon, M.
330 AE Aquarii Emission Processes from Radio to Infrared 341 Abada-Simon, M.; Casares, J.; Evans, A.; Eyres, R.; Fender, R.; Garrington, S.; de Jager, O.C.; Kuno, N.; Martinez-Pais, I.G.; de Martino, D.; Matsuo, H.; Mouchet, M.; Pooley, G.; Ramsay, G.; Salama, A.; Schulz, B.