Allen, R. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 Search for a Common Data Model for Astronomical Data Analysis Systems 157 Farris, A.; Allen, R. J.
77 What is an Astronomical Data Model? 191 Farris, A.; Allen, R. J.
144 The Astronomical Low-Frequency Array (ALFA) 393 Jones, D. L.; Weiler, K. W.; Allen, R. J.; Desch, M. M.; Erickson, W. C.; Kaiser, M. L.; Kassim, N. E.; Kuiper, T. B. H.; Mahoney, M. J.; Marsh, K. A.; Perley, R. A.; Preston, R. A.; Stone, R. G.
194 The Confusion Limit on Astrometry with SIM 147 Rajagopal, J.; Allen, R. J.; Böker, T.
194 Imaging of stellar proper motions in the nucleus of M 31 with SIM 219 Böker, T.; Allen, R. J.; Rajagopal, J.
194 Round Table Discussion: Science in a Political World Moderators: 460 Stachnik, R. V.; Peterson, D. M.; Allen, R. J.; Beichman, C. A.; Johnston, K. J.; Labeyrie, S. Kulkarni. A.; Shao, M.; van Citters, G. W.
240 Cold Molecular Gas, Photodissociation Regions and the Origin of HI in Galaxies 331 Allen, R. J.
276 On The Origin of H I in Galaxies: Photodissociation and the "Schmidt Law" for Global Star Formation 288 Allen, R. J.
291 The Stellar Imager (SI): An Ultra-High Angular Resolution Ultraviolet/Optical Observatory 355 Carpenter, K. G.; Lyon, R. G.; Schrijver, C. J.; Mundy, L.; Allen, R. J.; Rajagopal, J.