Allen, S. W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
115 X-Ray Observations of cooling Flow Clusters 1 Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.
115 Cooling Flows in ROSAT observations of clusters of galaxies 157 Peres, C. B.; Allen, S. W.; Edge, A. C.; Fabian, A. C.; Johnstone, R. M.; White, D. A.
234 BeppoSAX observations of very hot cooling-flow clusters of galaxies 387 Ettori, S.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.
234 Chandra Constraints on the Supermassive Black Hole in NGC 6166 517 di Matteo, T.; Johnstone, R. M.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.
251 A Chandra Observation of the Radio Galaxy 4C+55.16 108 Iwasawa, K.; Fabian, A. C.; Allen, S. W.; Ettori, S.
268 The X-Ray Virial Relations for Relaxed Lensing Clusters Observed with Chandra 195 Allen, S. W.; Schmidt, R. W.; Fabian, A. C.
290 Low-luminosity black holes: The case of M87 391 di Matteo, T.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.; Wilson, A. S.; Young, A. J.
301 Chandra Observations of Relaxed Galaxy Clusters 53 Allen, S. W.
301 The Peculiar Cooling Flow Cluster RX J0820.9+0752 437 Bayer-Kim, C. M.; Crawford, C. S.; Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.; Edge, A. C.