An, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
439 First Spectroscopic Identification of Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Galactic Center 115 An, D.; Ramírez, S. V.; Sellgren, K.; Arendt, R. G.; Adwin Boogert, A. C.; Schultheis, M.; Stolovy, S. R.; Cotera, A. S.; Robitaille, T. P.; Smith, H. A.
458 Metallicity Distribution of the Galactic Halo from SDSS Photometry 179 An, D.; Beers, T. C.; Johnson, J. A.; Pinsonneault, M. H.; Lee, Y. S.; Ivezić, Z.; Newby, M.
458 Observational Properties of the Chemically Divided Galactic Disks 229 Lee, Y. S.; Beers, T. C.; An, D.; the SEGUE Collaboration
458 Probing the Formation of the Milk Way 359 O'Shea, B. W.; Gomez, F.; Coleman-Smith, C.; Minchev, I.; Tumlinson, J.; Lee, Y. S.; Beers, T.; An, D.
528 2 – 4 μm Spectroscopy of Red Point Sources in the Galactic Center 325 Jang, D.; An, D.; Sellgren, K.; Ramírez, S. V.; Boogert, A. C. A.; Geballe, T. R.