Antonopoulou, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 Infrared Light Curves of Algol Type Systems 717 Lazaro, C.; Arevalo, M. J.; Martinez-Pais, I. G.; Antonopoulou, E.
109 Infrared light curves of the Algol system UX HER 655 Martinez-Pais, I. G.; Arevalo, M. J.; Lazaro, C.; Antonopoulou, E.; Ferentinios, E.
424 Photometric Monitoring of GSC 2696-2622 Variability 212 Nanouris, N.; Antonopoulou, E.
435 Probing Evolutionary Trends in Close Binaries from Observed Period Changes 173 Nanouris, N.; Kalimeris, A.; Antonopoulou, E.; Livaniou-Rovithis, H.