Appleton, P. N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
61 Morphological Filtering of Infrared Cirrus Emission on Parallel and Distributed Computers 308 Pedelty, J. A.; Appleton, P. N.; Charmandaris, V.; Basart, J. P.
77 Improvements in Filter Design for Removing Galactic ``Cirrus'' from IRAS Images 289 Basart, J. P.; He, L. X.; Appleton, P. N.; Pedelty, J. A.
290 The Host Galaxies of Low-luminosity AGN and Starbursts in the Northern COLA Sample 477 Appleton, P. N.; Marston, A. P.; Jarrett, T.; Charmandaris, V.; Corbett, E.; Dopita, M. A.; Kewley, L.; Zezas, A.; Norris, R. P.
477 SPH Simulations of Stephan's Quintet 291 Hwang, J.-S.; Struck, C.; Renaud, F.; Appleton, P. N.