Ayres, T. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
57 COmospheres and Coronae 124 Ayres, T. R.
64 The Transition Regions of Capella 62 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.; Brown, A.; Andrulis, C.; Judge, P.; Ayres, T. R.
64 The Shocking Truth about Beta Cassiopeia 351 Ayres, T. R.
64 The Relationship Between Radiative and Magnetic Fluxes on Three Active Solar-type Dwarfs 438 Linsky, J. L.; Andrulis, C.; Saar, S. H.; Ayres, T. R.; Giampapa, M. S.
64 Coronal Winds from Giants and Supergiants 681 Ayres, T. R.; Kashyap, V.
64 The Spectral Variability of BP Tauri 729 Simon, Theodore; Imhoff, C. L.; Basri, G. S.; Ayres, T. R.
109 Stellar spectroscopy with HST 215 Ayres, T. R.
109 Outer atmospheric structures of high-luminosity G/K stars 519 Deeney, B. D.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.
154 Flaring on RS CVn systems: Results from EUVE Photometry 1540 Osten, R. A.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.
223 STIS Observations of the Transition Region of ζ Doradus (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/redfield) 1045 Redfield, S.; Linsky, J. L.; Ayres, T. R.; STIS Cycle 8 Cool Star Survey Team
223 Far-UV Echelle Spectroscopy of Arcturus with HST STIS (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/ayres) 1079 Ayres, T. R.; Brown, A.; Harper, G. M.; Bennett, P. D.; Linsky, J. L.; Carpenter, K. G.; Robinson, R. D.
223 "Coronal" vs. "Noncoronal" Giants: A Spectral Comparison of α Boo and β Gem (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/osten) 1102 Osten, R. A.; Ayres, T. R.; Brown, A.; Linsky, J. L.
234 Cool Flares on HR 1099 (A Saga of Joint Observations with Chandra and HST) 93 Ayres, T. R.
264 Four Years of Multi-Wavelength Observations of the RS CVn System HR 1099 (V711 Tau) 156 Osten, R. A.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.; Linsky, J. L.
277 Coordinated Chandra HETGS and VLA Radio Observations of the Active Coronae on the Short-Period Binary ER Vul (G0 V + G5 V) 223 Brown, A.; Osten, R. A.; Ayres, T. R.; Harper, G.; Guinan, E.
277 Chandra HETGS Observations of the Active Binary σ2 Coronae Borealis 239 Osten, R. A.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.; Linsky, J. L.
286 Resolution of the COmosphere Controversy 431 Ayres, T. R.
509 Fundamental Physics from Observations of White Dwarf Stars 375 Bainbridge, M. B.; Barstow, M. A.; Reindl, N.; Barrow, J. D.; Webb, J. K.; Hu, J.; Preval, S. P.; Holberg, J. B.; Nave, G.; Tchang-Brillet, L.; Ayres, T. R.