Dennefeld, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
113 A Survey of X-ray-Emitting IRAS Galaxies: A New Class of Objects or Hidden AGNs? 421 Dennefeld, M.
266 Sky brightness variations, limiting magnitudes and exposure times with large telescopes 540 Dennefeld, M.
330 A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of HR Del 437 Friedjung, M.; Bruch, A.; Voloshina, I.; Zouag, K.; Dennefeld, M.; Muratorio G.
370 The Future of European Collaborations in Ground-based Astronomy and the Role of OPTICON 244 Dennefeld, M.
407 325-MHz Observations of the ELAIS-N1 Field 27 Sirothia, S.K.; Dennefeld, M.; Saikia, D.J.; Dole, H.; Ricquebourg, F.; Roland, J.
451 The ESA-GAIA Mission: Not Only Astrometry. 317 Dennefeld, M.