Dewey, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 Data Analysis Issues for the High Energy Transmission Grating (HETG) on AXAF 408 Dewey, D.; Isobe, T.
216 The Chandra Monitoring System 453 Wolk, S. J.; Petreshock, J. G.; Allen, P.; Bartholowmew, R. T.; Isobe, T.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; Dewey, D.
234 High Resolution Spectroscopy of Two Oxygen-Rich SNRs with the Chandra HETG 173 Canizares, C. R.; Flanagan, K. A.; Davis, D. S.; Dewey, D.; Houck, J. C.
255 Chandra HETGS Observations of NGC 1068 13 Ogle, P. M.; Canizares, C.; Dewey, D.; Lee, J.; Marshall, H.
411 Simulation and Fitting of Multi-Dimensional X-ray Data 234 Dewey, D.; Noble, M.S.
427 Searching for AGN Outflows: Spatially Resolved Chandra HETG Spectroscopy of the NLR Ionization Cone in NGC 1068 97 Evans, D. A.; Ogle, P. M.; Marshall, H. L.; Nowak, M. A.; Bianchi, S.; Guainazzi, M.; Longinotti, A. L.; Dewey, D.; Schulz, N. S.; Noble, M. S.; Houck, J.; Canizares, C. R.