Dupree, A. K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 Evolution of chromospheres in red giants 408 Dupree, A. K.; Hartmann, L.; Smith, Graeme H.
11 Pulsation in population II giants 133 Dupree, A. K.; Hartmann, L.
11 Alpha ORI - Evidence for pulsation 468 Dupree, A. K.; Baliunas, S. L.; Hartmann, L.; Guinan, E. F.; Sonneborn, G.
26 Wind; Atmosphere Models for the Hybrid Supergiant Alpha Aquarii (G2 Ib) 525 Dupree, A. K.; Whitney, B. A.; Avrett, E. H.
45 Atmospheres and Winds of High-Latitude Supergiants 73 Dupree, A. K.
45 CAII K Line Profiles of High-Latitude Supergiants 212 Whitney, B. A.; Dupree, A. K.; Zucker, D. B.
45 Longterm Photometric Monitoring of the Yellow Supergiant 89-HERCULIS 285 Donahue, R. A.; Rao, L. M.; Baliunas, S. L.; Dupree, A. K.
64 Up the Red Giant Branch in M67. 693 Dupree, A. K.; Whitney, B. A.
109 EUVE Spectroscopy of Active Binaries 237 Dupree, A. K.
109 The EUV Transition Lines of Capella. 253 Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.; Raymond, J. C.
154 Imaging Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse in the Ultraviolet 393 Uitenbroek, H.; Dupree, A. K.; Gilliland, R. L.
154 EUVE Observations of 44 i Boo}: Evidence for Localized Emission 993 Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.
154 ORFEUS Observations of Cool Stars: Electron Density Measurements 1022 Dupree, A. K.; Brickhouse, N. S.; Hurwitz, M.
164 Cool Stars: Imaging and Spectroscopy 102 Dupree, A. K.
198 Chromospheres and activity in open cluster giants 411 Dupree, A. K.
223 Coronal Physics of Cool Stars (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/dupree) 333 Dupree, A. K.
223 EUVE Observations of λ Andromedae (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/sanz) 1157 Sanz-Forcada, J.; Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.
223 Spatially Resolved Tomographic STIS Spectroscopy of Betelgeuse (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/lobel) 1274 Lobel, A.; Dupree, A. K.; Gilliland, R. L.
264 EUVE and FUSE: Coronal Connections 154 Dupree, A. K.
277 Coronae in Cool Star Binaries 201 Dupree, A. K.
277 Quiescent and Flaring Coronal Structure in RS CVn Stars 585 Sanz-Forcada, J.; Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.
291 Cool Stars and the Future in Space 37 Dupree, A. K.