Elitzur, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
16 Modeling the SiO Masers 413 Lockett, P.; Elitzur, M.
121 Water Maser Emission from Dusty Clouds in AGNs 738 Kartje, J. F.; Konigl, A.; Elitzur, M.
168 OH 1720 MHz Maser - the Best Indicators of C-Shocks and Maser Saturation 201 Elitzur, M.
196 Evidence for Disks and Envelopes Around Herbig Ae/Be Stars 71 Vinković, D.; Miroshnichenko, A.; Ivezić, ž.; Elitzur, M.
196 DUSTY: a Publicly Available Code for Modeling Dust Emission 77 Nenkova, M.; Ivezić, ž.; Elitzur, M.
247 Modeling AGN Dust Distributions with the Continuum Radiative Transfer Code DUSTY 383 Nenkova, M.; Elitzur, M.; Ivezič, ž.
313 Episodic Mass Loss on the Timescale of Thermal Pulses: Radiative Transfer Modeling of the Egg Nebula 303 Speck, A.K.; Meixner, M.; Elitzur, M.; Nenkova, M.
313 Evidence for Bipolar Jets in Late Stages of AGB Winds 321 Vinkovic, D.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Elitzur, M.; Weigelt, G.
320 IR Emission from AGNs 242 Elitzur, M.; Nenkova, M.; Ivezic, Z.
373 Unification Issues and the AGN Torus 415 Elitzur, M.
373 NGC 1097 at High Spatial Resolution in the Mid-infrared 493 Mason, R.E.; Levenson, N.A.; Packham, C.; Elitzur, M.; Radomski, J.; Petric, A.; Wright, G.
373 The Distribution of Silicate Strength of AGNs and ULIRGs 574 Hao, L.; Weedman, D.W.; Spoon, H.W.W.; Marshall, J.A.; Levenson, N.A.; Elitzur, M.; Houck, J.R.
381 Infrared SEDs of Seyfert Galaxies: Starbursts and the Nature of the Obscuring Medium 18 Buchanan, C.L.; Gallimore, J.F.; O’Dea, C.P.; Baum, S.A.; Axon, D.J.; Robinson, A.; Elitzur, M.; Elvis, M.
387 Periodic Variations in Class II Methanol Masers 124 Goedhart, S.; Gaylard, M.; van der Walt, J.; Elitzur, M.
402 Masers and VSOP-2 419 Elitzur, M.
439 The Small-Scale Mid-Infrared Emission of Low-Luminosity AGN 487 Mason, R.; Lopez Rodriguez, E.; Packham, C.; Radomski, J.; Levenson, N.; Aretxaga, I.; Alonso Herrero, A.; Colina, L.; Elitzur, M.; Roche, P.