Kaufer, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
120 Spectral Variations of LBVs during Outbursts 26 Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.
135 Multiperiodic Line-profile Variability and a Tentative Ephemeris for Line-Emission Outbursts of the Be Star MU CEN 343 Rivinius, Th.; Baade, D.; Stefl, S.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.
135 Circumstellar Quasi-periods Accompanying Stellar Periods of Be Stars 348 Stefl, S.; Baade, D.; Rivinius, Th.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.
152 A Two-Beam Two-Slice Image Slicer for Fiber-Linked Spectrographs 337 Kaufer, A.
179 The Historical Evidence for the 5. 52-Year Cycle 221 Damineli, A.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.; Jablonski, F. J.
179 High-resolution Spectroscopy of η Carinae during the Past Six Years at ESO 243 Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Damineli, A.
188 The FEROS spectrograph 331 Stahl, O.; Kaufer, A.; Tubbesing, S.
204 Spectroscopic Monitoring of Luminous Hot Stars of the Magellanic Clouds 43 Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.; Rivinius, T.; Stahl, O.; Szeifert, T.; Tubbesing, S.; Schmid, H. M.
204 Simultaneous Spectroscopy and Photometry of the Eclipsing P Cyg Star R81 in the LMC 107 Tubbesing, S.; Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.; Haffa, R.; Maintz, M.; Schmid, H. M.
204 Spectroscopic Monitoring of the LBV-like WR Star HD 5980 in the SMC with FEROS 113 Schweickhardt, J.; Wolf, B.; Schmid, H. M.; Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Szeifert, T.; Tubbesing, S.
214 The Be Phenomenon: Connections to B-supergiants 37 Kaufer, A.
214 Multiperiodic Variability and Outbursts of 28 Cygni 232 Tubbesing, S.; Rivinius, Th.; Wolf, B.; Kaufer, A.
214 Tracing the Transient Periods in the Be Star 28 ω CMa 240 štefl, S.; Budovičová, A.; Baade, D.; Kaufer, A.; Rivinius, T.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.
233 The eclipsing P Cygni-type star R 81 in the LMC 163 Tubbesing, S.; Kaufer, A.; Schmid, H. M.; Stahl, O.; Wolf, B.
242 Emission line variability of Eta Carinae 29 Rivinius, T.; Wolf, B.; Stahl, O.; Kaufer, A.
361 The Photosphere – Wind Connection in HD64760 179 Kaufer, A.; Stahl, O.; Prinja, R.K.
394 CLIP: Bridging Pipelines to Instrument Control Software 577 Ballester, P.; Biereichel, P.; Kaufer, A.; Kiekebusch, M.; , Lorch H.
399 The Star Formation History and Stellar Population Structures in the Sextans Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 469 Okamoto, S.; Arimoto, N.; Yamada, Y.; Onodera, M.; Tolstoy, E.; Irwin, M.; Helmi, A.; Battaglia, G.; Jablonka, P.; Hill, V.; Venn, K.; Shetrone, M.; Letarte, B.; Primas, F.; Francois, P.; Sadakane, K.; Kaufer, A.; Szeifert, T.; Abel, T.
464 The Circumstellar Environment of Rigel Probed at High Spatial and Spectral Resolution 35 Kaufer, A.; Chesneau, O.; Stahl, O.; Colvinter, C.; Spang, A.; Dessart, L.; Prinja, R.; Kaufer, a. R. C.; Chesneau, A.; Stahl, O.; Colvinter, O.; Spang, C.; Dessart, A.; Prinja, L.; Chini, R.; R.