Keppens, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
64 Angular Momentum Loss from the Young Sun: Improved Wind and Dynamo Models 193 Keppens, R.; Charbonneau, P.; MacGregor, K. B.; Brandenburg, A.
76 Multiple Scattering and Resonant Absorption of P modes by Fibril Sunspots 260 Keppens, R.
184 Wave Heating and Nonlinear Dynamics of Coronal Loops 248 Beliën, A. J. C.; Martens, P. C. H.; Keppens, R.; Tóth, G.
383 Magnetohydrostatic Solar Prominences in Near-Potential Coronal Magnetic Fields 413 Petrie, G.J.D.; Blokland, J.W.S.; Keppens, R.
429 Relativistic Hydro and Magnetohydrodynamic Models for AGN Jet Propagation and Deceleration 91 Keppens, R.; Meliani, Z.
429 Relativistic Two-component Jet Evolutions in 2D and 3D 121 Meliani, Z.; Keppens, R.
444 Two-component Jets and the Fanaroff–Riley Dichotomy 75 Meliani, Z.; Keppens, R.
459 Dusty Circumstellar Environments: MPI-AMRVAC Simulations 73 Keppens, R.; van Marle, A. J.; Meliani, Z.
459 Numerical Simulation of Flares in GRB Afterglow Phase 118 Meliani, Z.; Vlasis, A.; Keppens, R.
470 Solar prominences: formation, force balance, internal dynamics 37 Keppens, R.; Xia, C.; Chen, P.; Blokland, J. W. S.
488 Gas Acceleration by Fast Dust Particles and the Dusty Rayleigh–Taylor Instability 77 Hendrix, T.; Keppens, R.