Kim, D.-W.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
101 A Reduction and Analysis Pipeline for ROSAT PSPC Data 179 Mackie, G.; Fabbiano, G.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Kim, D.-W.; Barbera, M.; Bocchino, F.; Damiani, F.; Maggio, A.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Ciliegi, P.
232 The Chandra Multi-wavelength Project (ChaMP): a Serendipitous Survey with Chandra Archival Data. 47 Wilkes, B. J.; Green, P.; Brissenden, R.; Cameron, R.; Dobrzycki, A.; Drake, J.; Evans, N.; Fruscione, A.; Gaetz, T.; Garcia, M.; Ghosh, H.; Grimes, J.; Grindlay, J.; Hooper, E.; Karovska, M.; Kashyap, V.; Kim, D.-W.; Kowal, K.; Marshall, H.; Mossman, A.; Morris, D.; Nichols, J.; Szentgyorgyi, A.; Tananbaum, H.; van Speybroeck, L.; Vikhlinin, A.; Virani, S.; Zhao, P.
268 Deep ROSAT-HRI Observation of the cD Galaxy NGC 1399 in the Fornax Cluster: Morphology and Dynamical Status of the X-Ray Halo 425 Paolillo, M.; Peres, G.; Fabbiano, G.; Kim, D.-W.
311 X-ray Emitting AGN Unveiled by the Chandra Multiwavelength Project 321 Silverman, J.D.; Green, P.J.; Aldcroft, T.L.; Kim, D.-W.; Barkhouse, W.; Cameron, R.A.; Wilkes, B.J.
381 Compton-Thick AGN in the SWIRE/Chandra Survey 434 Polletta, M.; Wilkes, B.J.; Siana, B.; Lonsdale, C.J.; Kilgard, R.; Shupe, D.L.; Surace, J.; Smith, H.E.; Kim, D.-W.; Owen, F.
442 ACIS Sub-Pixel Resolution: Improvement in Point Source Detection 139 Anderson, C. S.; Mossman, A. E.; Kim, D.-W.; Allen, G. E.; Glotfelty, K. J.; Fabbiano, G.
442 Automatic QSO Selection Using Machine Learning: Application on Massive Astronomical Database 447 Kim, D.-W.; Protopapas, P.; Alcock, C.; Byun, Y.-I.; Khardon, R.