King, A. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
56 Recent Progress in Understanding Magnetic CV Evolution 189 King, A. R.
72 LMXB Evolution: Illumination Effects 149 Hameury, J.-M.; King, A. R.; Lasota, J. P.
85 Accretion on to Magnetic White Dwarfs 21 King, A. R.
85 Inhomogeneous, Diamagnetic Accretion in A.E Aquarii 196 Wynn, G. A.; King, A. R.; Horne, K.
85 Discussion Summary IV: Details of Accretion Flows and Structures 207 King, A. R.
121 Magnetic Accretors in Binaries 223 King, A. R.
121 Time-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of V795 Herculis 697 Dickinson, R. J.; Prinja, R. K.; Rosen, S. R.; King, A. R.; Hellier, C.; Horne, K.
137 Recent Developments in the Study of CV and LMXB Evolution 174 King, A. R.
261 A new evolutionary picture for CVs and LMXBs 233 King, A. R.; Schenker, K.
261 A new evolutionary picture for CVs and LMXBs. II. The impact of thermal-timescale mass transfer 242 Schenker, K.; King, A. R.
261 The long term X-ray behaviour of X 1705--440 525 Powell, C. R.; Haswell, C. A.; King, A. R.
261 On the accretion efficiency of neutron stars in long--period binaries 531 Ritter, H.; King, A. R.
261 Outbursts and superoutbursts in dwarf novae and X-ray transients 559 Truss, M. R.; Wynn, G. A.; Murray, J. R.; King, A. R.
427 Winds and Outflows from Supermassive Black Holes 315 King, A. R.
460 AGN Winds and the Black-Hole - Galaxy Connection 235 Zubovas, K.; King, A. R.
460 What's in a Fermi Bubble: A Quasar Episode in the Galactic Center 268 Zubovas, K.; Nayakshin, S.; King, A. R.