Oey, M. S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
35 Star Giant Bubbles in M33 348 Oey, M. S.; Massey, P.
131 Predicted O-Star Lyman-Continuum Emission vs. H II-Region Luminosities in the LMC 322 Oey, M. S.; Kennicutt, R. C., Jr.
221 Calibrating Nebular Diagnostics of T* and Abundance 79 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J.; Dopita, M.; Smith, R.
221 Discussion Summary: Interplay of Stars, ISM and Chemical Enrichment 293 Oey, M. S.
230 Inhomogeneous Chemical Evolution and Galactic Stellar Populations 345 Oey, M. S.
230 Bright-Line Diagnostics for Nebular Sulfur Abundance 357 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J. C.
231 Evaluating Nebular Sulfur Abundance Diagnostics 368 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J. C.
240 A New Look at Galactic Chemical Signatures of Enrichment and Infall 273 Oey, M. S.
276 H I as a Probe of Structure in the Interstellar Medium of External Galaxies 295 Oey, M. S.
438 The Origin of Excess X-Ray Emission in Two LMC Superbubbles 342 Jaskot, A. E.; Strickland, D. K.; Oey, M. S.; Chu, Y.-H.
440 OB Stars in Stochastic Regimes 73 Oey, M. S.; Lamb, J. B.; Werk, J. K.; Clarke, C. J.
458 Abundance Trends in the Inner and Outer Galactic Disk 171 Bensby, T.; Alves-Brito, A.; Oey, M. S.; Yong, D.; Meléndez, J.
465 Completing the Massive Star Population: Striking Into the Field 431 Oey, M. S.; Lamb, J. B.
465 The IMF of Field OB Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud 440 Lamb, J. B.; Oey, M. S.; Graus, A. S.; Segura-Cox, D. M.
508 B[e] Supergiants with No Dust Emission 273 Graus, A. S.; Oey, M. S.; Lamb, J. B.