Ofman, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
150 Observation of Prominence Heating and the Heating Mechanism 159 Ofman, L.; Mouradian, Z.; Kucera, T. A.; Poland, A. I.
154 Atmospheric Dynamics of Luminous Late-Type Stars 1569 Airapetian, V. S.; Ofman, L.; Robinson, R. D.; Carpenter, K.; Davila, J.
205 Propagation and Dissipation of Slow Magnetosonic Waves in Coronal Plumes 147 Ofman, L.
369 The energetics of the Slow Solar wind 569 Ofman, L.
370 Coronal Heating and Acceleration of the Solar Wind 82 Ofman, L.
397 3D MHD Simulations of Excitation and Damping of Vertical Kink Waves in Coronal Active Region Loops 189 Selwa, M.; Ofman, L.
415 Hinode/EIS Observations of Propagating Slow Magnetoacoustic Waves in a Coronal Loop 28 Wang, T.J.; Ofman, L.; Davila J.M.
428 Modeling the Slow Solar Wind during the Solar Minimum 321 Ofman, L.; Kramar, M.
455 Propagating Intensity Disturbances in Fan-like Coronal Loops: Flows or Waves? 227 Wang, T.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J. M.
456 Spectroscopic Diagnosis of Propagating Disturbances in Coronal Loops: Waves or flows? 91 Wang, T.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J. M.
456 Slow-Mode Oscillations of Hot Loops Excited at Flaring Footpoints 127 Wang, T.; Liu, W.; Ofman, L.; Davila, J.