Ogilvie, G. I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
160 Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics of Warped Discs 61 Ogilvie, G. I.
161 The Dynamics of Turbulent Viscosity 422 Torkelsson, U.; Ogilvie, G. I.; Pringle, J. E.; Brandenburg, A.; Nordlund, Å.; Stein, R. F.
261 The dynamics of distorted discs 517 Ogilvie, G. I.
261 Evolution of truncated decretion disks in Be/X-Ray binaries 519 Okazaki, A. T.; Bate, M. R.; Ogilvie, G. I.; Pringle, J. E.
294 Interactions of High- and Low-Mass Planets with Protoplanetary Disks 343 Lubow, S. H.; Bate, M.; Ogilvie, G. I.