Ortolani, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
167 The Distance of the Globular Cluster 47 Tucanae via the White Dwarf Cooling Sequence 336 Zoccali, M.; Ortolani, S.; Renzini, A.; Gilmozzi, R.; Bragaglia, A.; Ferraro, F. R.
265 B,V and V,I Color-Magnitude Diagrams of ω Centauri Compared to Templates 325 Barbuy, B.; Ortolani, S.
266 The "Galileo" telescope at ORM: site characterization 432 Porceddu, I.; Buffa, F.; Ortolani, S.; Zitelli, V.
296 VLT-UVES Spectroscopy of the Subgiant I-24 of the Bulge Globular Cluster NGC 6528 in Baade's Window 358 Barbuy, B.; Dutra, C.; Hill, V.; Ortolani, S.; Momany, Y.; Bica, E.; Renzini, A.; Zoccali, M.; Pasquini, L.; Minniti, D.; Rich, R. M.
374 Evolved Stellar Populations in Nearby Galaxies: The Near-Infrared Perspective 261 Held, E.V.; Gullieuszik, M.; Rizzi, L.; Saviane, I.; Ortolani, S.; Momany, Y.
491 Metallicities and Alpha-to-Iron Ratios in Globular Cluster Stars on a Homogeneous Scale: Search for Multiple Populations 134 Dias, B.; Saviane, I.; Barbuy, B.; Held, E.; Da Costa, G.; Ortolani, S.; Vasquez, S.
491 Self-Consistent Physical Parameters for 5 Intermediate-Age SMC Stellar Clusters from CMD Modeling 338 Dias, B.; Kerber, L.; Barbuy, B.; Santiago, B.; Ortolani, S.; Balbinot, E.