Rudnick, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
100 Uncovering Buried Jet Treasures 233 Rudnick, L.; Katz-Stone, Debora M.
144 A Spectral Analysis of 3C 67 and 3C 190 181 Katz-Stone, D. M.; Rudnick, L.
262 Cas A's Multiple Plasmas - Catching the Wave 293 Rudnick, L.
275 High Resolution Radio Continuum Observations of the Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 3367 362 GarcĂ­a-Barreto, J. A.; Franco, J.; Rudnick, L.
301 Chandra Observations of the Disruption of the Cool Core in Abell 133 477 Fujita, Y.; Sarazin, C. L.; Kempner, J. C.; Rudnick, L.; Slee, O. B.; Roy, A. L.; Andernach, H.; Ehle, M.
386 Extragalactic Jets: Reflections on the Conference 549 Rudnick, L.
414 Dust Formation Observed in Young Supernova Remnants with Spitzer 22 Rho, J.; Reach, W. T.; Tappe, A.; Rudnick, L.; Kozasa, T.; Hwang, U.; Andersen, M.; Gomez, H.; DeLaney, T.; Dunne, L.; Slavin, J.