Ulvestad, J. S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
144 The Two-Sided VLBI Source in the Seyfert Galaxy MRK 231 199 Ulvestad, J. S.; Wrobel, J. M.; Carilli, C. L.
144 Survey of Milliarcsec Structure in Eight Seyfert Galaxies: Results on NGC 1068 and NGC 4151 301 Roy, A. L.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Colbert, E. J. M.; Wilson, A. S.; Norris, R. P.
144 ARISE -- A Proposed Future Space VLBI Mission 397 Ulvestad, J. S.; Linfield, R. P.
180 Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry 513 Ulvestad, J. S.
240 Recent Massive Star Formation in NGC 4038/4039, ``the Antennae" 212 Neff, S. G.; Ulvestad, J. S.
240 High Velocity Ionized Component --- A Counter-Rotating Circumnuclear Disk in NGC 253 404 Zhao, J.; Goss, W. M.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Anantharamaiah, K. R.
249 Jet Directions in Active Galaxies 230 Schmitt, H. R.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Kinney, A. L.; Pringle, J. E.; Clarke, C. J.; Antonucci, R. R. J.
255 The Importance of Shocks in the Ionization of the Narrow Line Region of Seyferts 215 Schmitt, H. R.; Kinney, A. L.; Hutchings, J. B.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Antonucci, R. R. J.
258 Gigahertz-Peaked Spectrum Radio Sources in Nearby Galaxies 171 Nagar, N. M.; Wilson, A. S.; Falcke, H.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Mundell, C. G.
284 Testing the Unified Model with an Infrared Selected Sample of Seyferts 173 Schmitt, Henrique R.; Ulvestad, J. S.; Antonucci, R. R. J.; Clarke, C. J.; Pringle, J. E.; Kinney, A. L.