Vanzella, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
351 The GOODS/FORS2 Spectroscopy Archive at ESO 707 Haase, J.; Kuntschner, H.; Rosati, P.; Vanzella, E.
374 MORPHOT: a Tool for Automatic Galaxy Morphology in Wide and/or Deep Fields 495 Fasano, G.; Vanzella, E.; the WINGS team
380 Lyman Break Galaxies in the VLT/FORS2 Spectroscopic Campaign in the GOODS-S Field 45 Vanzella, E.; Cristiani, S.; Dickinson, M.; Giavalisco, M.; Lee, K.; Nonino, M.; Rosati, P.; the GOODS team
380 The Luminosity Function of High-redshift QSOs 131 Fontanot, F.; Cristiani, S.; Monaco, P.; Vanzella, E.; Nonino, M.; Brandt, W.N.; Grazian, A.; Mao, J.
380 Properties of DRGs, LBGs, and BzK Galaxies in the GOODS South Field 343 Grazian, A.; Salimbeni, S.; Pentericci, L.; Fontana, A.; Santini, P.; Giallongo, E.; De Santis, C.; Gallozzi, S.; Nonino, M.; Cristiani, S.; Vanzella, E.
495 Data Analysis Software for the ESPRESSO Science Machine 289 Cupani, G.; D'Odorico, V.; Cristiani, S.; González-Hernández, J.; Lovis, C.; Sousa, S.; Vanzella, E.; Marcantonio, P. D.; Mégevand, D.