Vauclair, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
109 New solar models including element segregation and rotation-induced mixing 701 Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.; Charbonnel, C.
135 The Toulouse Solar Models: New Results 71 Vauclair, S.; Richard, O.
138 Importance of element segregation in the sun and population II stars 359 Vauclair, S.
198 Evidences of mixing processes in stellar interiors 23 Vauclair, S.
203 Excitation Mechanism in roAp Stars 453 Balmforth, N. J.; Cunha, M. S.; Dolez, N.; Gough, D. O.; Vauclair, S.
223 Lithium Depletion in Stars: Towards a Consistent View of Populations I and II Cool Stars and the Sun (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/vauclair) 227 Vauclair, S.
248 Element Settling and Stellar Winds in Magnetic Stars: Results Obtained from the Observations of Chemical Abundances and Oscillations 381 Vauclair, S.
259 Internal Dynamics of Slowly Rotating Stars: the Effect of μ-Gradients on the Meridional Circulation 70 Théado, S.; Vauclair, S.
310 Element Stratification in Main Sequence Stars and its Effect on Stellar Oscillations 413 Vauclair, S.
310 Seismic Tests of Accretion in the Central Stars of Planetary Systems 422 Bazot, M.; Vauclair, S.
321 Seismic Tests of Accretion in Central Stars of Planetary Systems 339 Bazot, M.; Vauclair, S.
462 Asteroseismology of Exoplanet-host Stars: The Helium Problem and Other Associated Effects 74 Vauclair, S.
469 Thermohaline Instabilities Induced by Heavy Element Accretion onto White Dwarfs: Consequences on the Derived Accretion Rates 435 Deal, M.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.
479 Atomic Diffusion, Mixing, and Element Abundances in Main Sequence Stars 27 Vauclair, S.
479 Accretion of Debris-Disk Matter onto White Dwarfs: Stellar Consequences and Derived Accretion Rates 41 Deal, M.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.
493 Fingering Convection and its Consequences for Accreting White Dwarfs 101 Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.; Deal, M.; Wachlin, F. C.
509 The Role of Fingering Convection in Accreting Hydrogen-rich White Dwarfs: the Case of GD 133 and G 29-38 223 Wachlin, F. C.; Vauclair, S.; Vauclair, G.; Althaus, L. G.
515 Hydrodynamical Instabilities Induced by Atomic Diffusion in F and A Stars 181 Deal, M.; Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.
515 Opacity Enhancement Due to Diffusion-Induced Element Accumulation inside B-Type Stars 176 Hui-Bon-Hoa, A.; Vauclair, S.; Deal, M.