Vishniac, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
97 Flux Tubes in the Interstellar Medium 537 Lazarian, A.; Vishniac, E.
377 Digital Data Preservation and Curation: A Collaboration Among Libraries, Publishers, and the Virtual Observatory 29 Hanisch, R.J.; Steffen, J.; Choudhury, S.; DiLauro, T.; Szalay, A.; Vishniac, E.; Ehling, T.; Milkey, R.; Plante, R.
406 Model of Reconnection of Weakly Stochastic Magnetic Field and its Testing 23 Lazarian, A.; Vishniac, E.; Kowal, G.
488 Reconnection in Turbulent Astrophysical Fluids 23 Lazarian, A.; Eyink, G.; Vishniac, E.; Kowal, G.