Vivas, A. K.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
223 The CIDA-QUEST Large Scale Variability Survey in the Orion OB Association: Initial Results (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/briceno) 484 BriceƱo, C.; Vivas, A. K.; Calvet, N.; Hartmann, L.; The Quest Collaboration
491 Jürgen Stock: From One End of the Andes to the Other 17 Vivas, A. K.; Stock, M. J.
491 Dwarf Cepheids in the Carina Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 359 Vivas, A. K.; Mateo, M.
514 Dwarf Cepheids in the Satellites of the Milky Way 99 Vivas, A. K.; Alonso-García, J.; Mateo, M.; Walker, A.; Nidever, D.; Howard, B.
514 Mapping the Milky Way Halo Substructures Using RR Lyrae Stars 201 Carballo-Bello, J. A.; Duffau, S.; Vivas, A. K.; Navarrete, C.; Catelan, M.
529 A Systematic DECam Search for RR Lyrae in the Outer Halo of the Milky Way 222 Medina, G. E.; Muñoz, R. R.; Carlin, J. L.; Vivas, A. K.; Hansen, C. J.; Grebel, E. K.
529 Searching for the (Very Few) RR Lyrae Stars in Ultra-Faint Dwarf Satellites of the Milky Way 240 Vivas, A. K.; Martínez-Vázquez, C.; Walker, A.