Yan, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
177 Studying the Evolution of Field Galaxies Using NICMOS/HST Parallel Imaging and Grism Data 57 Yan, L.; McCarthy, P. J.; Storrie-Lombardi, L. J.; Weymann, R. J.
191 Results from the NICMOS Parallel Imaging and Grism Surveys 92 Yan, L.
193 The Results From The NICMOS Parallel Imaging and Grism Survey 529 Yan, L.; McCarthy, P.
240 Faint Galaxies at Redshifts of ~ 1-2 117 Yan, L.
375 Spitzer Mid-IR Spectroscopy of Infrared-Luminous Galaxies at z ~ 1 − 2 34 Yan, L.
381 Mapping Global Star Formation in the Interacting Galaxy Pair Arp32 144 Damjanov, I.; Fadda, D.; Marleau, F.; Appleton, P.; Choi, P.; Lacy, M.; Storrie-Lombardi, L.; Yan, L.
381 Spitzer Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Infrared Luminous Galaxies at z ~ 2 343 Yan, L.
381 Close Pairs of Galaxies at z≤ 1.5: Mid-Infrared Properties in the Spitzer First Look Survey 363 Bridge, C.R.; Appleton, P.N.; Conselice, C.J.; Armus, L.; Choi, P.; Fadda, D.T.; Laine, S.; Marleau, F.R.; Helou, G.; Yan, L.
399 Multiwavelength Cluster Analysis in the IRAC Dark Field 365 Krick, J.; Surace, J.; Ashby, M.; Egami, E.; Frayer, D.; Gorjian, V.; Hora, J.; Lacy, M.; Moustakas, L.; Thompson, D.; Yan, L.
408 (U)LIRG Morphology and Color: 70μm Selected Galaxies in the COSMOS Field 272 Kartaltepe, J.S.; Sanders, D.B.; Frayer, D.T.; LeFloc’h, E.; Arnouts, S.; Aussel, H.; Ilbert, O.; Koekemoer, A.; Salvato, M.; Scoville, N.; Surace, J.; Yan, L.
408 Detection of the 3.3μm PAH Feature as well as Water Ice and HAC Absorption in z ~ 2 ULIRGs 417 Sajina, A.; Yan, L.; Spoon, H.; Fadda, D.
477 WISE Discovery of Hyper Luminous Galaxies at z=2-4 and Their Implications for Galaxy and AGN Evolution 247 Tsai, C.; Eisenhardt, P.; Wu, J.; Bridge, C.; Assef, R.; Benford, D.; Blain, A.; Cutri, R.; Griffith, R. L.; Jarrett, T.; Lonsdale, C.; Petty, S.; Sayers, J.; Stanford, A.; Stern, D.; Wright, E. L.; Yan, L.