de Medeiros, J. R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
9 Rotation of evolved stars 404 de Medeiros, J. R.; Mayor, M.
109 A catalogue of rotational and radial velocities for evolved stars a quick look 521 de Medeiros, J. R.; Mayor, M.
304 Rotation and CNO Abundances in Evolved Stars: Bright Giant and Ib Supergiant Stars 119 Do Nascimento, J. D., Jr.; de Medeiros, J. R.
474 On the Use of Velocity Anisotropy as a Measure of the Interstellar Magnetic Field: Confluence of Observations and Numerics 9 Burkhart, B.; Lazarian, A.; Leão, I.; de Medeiros, J. R.
488 Testing Observational Tracers of Turbulence with Numerical Simulations: Measuring the Sonic Mach Number in Molecular Clouds 3 Burkhart, B.; Lazarian, A.; Correia, C.; Ossenkopf, V.; Stutzki, J.; de Medeiros, J. R.