Abt, H. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
32 Duplicity Among Solar-Type Stars 82 Abt, H. A.; Willmarth, D. W.
38 CCD Observations of Possible Trapezium Systems 72 Abt, H. A.; Corbally, C. J.
38 Astronomical Publications 466 Abt, H. A.
44 Rotational Velocities for the Brighter A-Type Stars 384 Abt, H. A.; Morrell, N. I.
60 MK Spectra of the Bright A-Type Stars 99 Abt, H. A.
90 Keynote Address: Questions for the Present and Future 15 Abt, H. A.
90 Observational Evidence of Binary Evolution in Open Clusters 105 Abt, H. A.; Willmarth, D. W.
138 Disks that appear and disappear around rapidly rotating A-type stars 3 Abt, H. A.; Tan, H.; Zhou, H.
451 The Age of the Local Interstellar Bubble 315 Abt, H. A.