Albrecht, M. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
77 An Information System for Proposal Submission and Handling 58 Chavan, A. M.; Albrecht, M. A.
77 Organizing Observational Data at the Telescope 221 Peron, M.; Baade, D.; Albrecht, M. A.; Grosbol, P.
87 Building Scheduling Tools for Ground Based Telescopes 58 Chavan, A. M.; Johnston, M. D.; Albrecht, M. A.
125 Access to Data Sources and the ESO SkyCat Tool 333 Albrecht, M. A.; Brighton, A.; Herlin, T.; Biereichel, P.; Durand, D.
125 A Distributed System for ``Phase II'' Proposal Preparation 367 Chavan, A. M.; Albrecht, M. A.
145 The VLT Science Archive System 363 Albrecht, M. A.; Angeloni, E.; Brighton, A.; Girvan, J.; Sogni, F.; Wiceneci, A. J.; Ziaeepour, H.