Alloin, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
98 Simulations of Starburst Spectral Evolution Superimposed on Old Populations 56 Schmidt, A. A.; Alloin, D.; Bica, E.
98 Stellar and Star Cluster Libraries in the Context of Population Synthesis 115 Alloin, D.
98 Stellar Populations in Early-Type Galaxies: Evidence of White Dwarfs 494 Bonatto, C.; Bica, E.; Pastoriza, M. G.; Alloin, D.
156 High Resolution Data on the Cloverleaf in the UV and in CO(7-6): a New Model of the Lens and a Model of the Molecular Region in the Quasar at Z = 2.56 64 Alloin, D.; Mellier, Y.; Kneib, J.-P.
191 The Nature of the Lens-System Towards the Cloverleaf 285 Alloin, D.; Kneib, J.-P.; Pelló, R.
221 Concluding Comments 299 Gallagher, J.; Alloin, D.
255 Molecular Gas in the Nucleus of NGC 1068: Observations of the H2 2.12 μm and Brγ Emission Lines 321 Galliano, E.; Alloin, D.
290 On-axis VLT spectroscopy of quasar host galaxies: HE 1503+0228, at z=0.135 491 Courbin, F.; Letawe, G.; Magain, P.; Wisotzki, L.; Jablonka, P.; Jahnke, K.; Kuhlbrodt, B.; Alloin, D.; Meylan, G.
322 Unveiling Embedded Star Clusters in the Circumnuclear Regions of NGC 1808 and NGC 1365 391 Galliano, E.; Alloin, D.
344 Volume 344 Cover 0 European Southern Observatory; Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
344 Volume 344 Front Matter 1 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
344 Volume 344 Conference Photograph 2 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.
344 Volume 344 Back Matter 263 Lidman, C.; Alloin, D.