Andreani, P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
21 SA 94 - A test lab for QSO counts, clustering and variability 22 Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.
21 A homogeneous bright quasar survey description of a Key-Programme 76 Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Gemmo, A.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.; Sanvico, M.; Miller, L.; Goldschmidt, C.
58 1 and 2 Millimeter Observations of Interstellar Dust from Antarctica 156 dall'Oglio, G.; Pizzo, L.; Andreani, P.; Merluzzi, P.; Rossi, L.
146 The luminosity function and clustering evolution of Quasars 9 Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.
146 Dust Emission as a Tracer of the ISM in High-redshift Quasar Host Galaxies 66 Andreani, P.; Franceschini, A.; Granato, G. L.
268 Clustering Properties of Galaxy Clusters in Present and Future Surveys 86 Moscardini, L.; Matarrese, S.; Andreani, P.; Bartelmann, M.; Mo, H.
290 Seyfert and starburst galaxies in the Local Universe and beyond: from ISO observations to predictions for future space missions 559 Spinoglio, L.; Andreani, P.; Malkan, M. A.
371 Modeling Astronomical Time Series with Stochastic Differential Equations 439 Vio, R.; Andreani, P.; Madsen, H.; Mannella, R.; Rebusco, P.
499 CH+(1-0) Line Detection in a High-z Hyper-Luminous Galaxy SDP17b: the First Probe of a Massive Turbulent Region 55 Falgarone, E.; Zwaan, M.; Godard, B.; Bussmann, S.; Bergin, E.; Omont, A.; Bournaud, F.; Elbaz, D.; Andreani, P.