Aringer, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
259 Dynamical Atmospheres and Mass Loss of Pulsating AGB Stars 534 Höfner, S.; Loidl, R.; Aringer, B.; Jørgensen, U. G.
259 The Pulsation of M-type Miras: Multi-Epoch ISO-SWS Observations and Dynamical Models 538 Aringer, B.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Kerschbaum, F.; Hron, J.; Höfner, S.
274 Synthetic spectra for pulsating red giants: status, limitations and applications 110 Hron, J.; Aringer, B.; Gautschy-Loidl, R.; Höfner, S.; Jørgensen, U. G.
304 Abundances of C and O in Red Giant Stars 111 Lebzelter, T.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.
378 Water Opacity in M Stars 127 Lederer, M.T.; Aringer, B.; Hoefner, S.; Kerschbaum, F.
378 Tracing AGB Mass Loss by (Synthetic) High-Resolution IR Spectroscopy 325 Nowotny, W.; Aringer, B.; Hoefner, S.
445 Photometric Modeling of Mass-losing C-type Miras 95 Nowotny, W.; Aringer, B.; Höfner, S.; Lederer, M. T.
445 Determination of the Stellar Parameters of C-rich Hydrostatic Stars from Spectro-Interferometric Observations 101 Paladini, C.; van Belle, G. T.; Aringer, B.; Hron, J.; Reegen, P.; Lebzelter, T.; Davies, C.
445 Dust in AGB Stars: Transparent or Opaque? 315 Bladh, S.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.
445 Synthetic Colors for Dynamic C-Star Models 325 Eriksson, K.; Wachter, A.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.
445 Evolutionary Models for AGB Stars in the Magellanic Clouds 431 Marigo, P.; Bressan, A.; Girardi, L.; Aringer, B.; Gullieuszik, M.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.
448 Synthetic Spectra and Photometry of C-rich Hydrodynamical Model Atmospheres 969 Wachter, A.; Eriksson, K.; Aringer, B.; Höfner, S.; Nowotny, W.
497 A New Library of Synthetic Spectra and Photometry for Evolved C Stars 111 Eriksson, K.; Nowotny, W.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.
497 Carbon Stars from the X-shooter Spectral Library 113 Gonneau, A.; Lançon, A.; Trager, S.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.; Chen, Y.-P.; Peletier, R.
497 The Close Environment of the C-star TX Psc as Seen with CRIRES Spectro-Astrometry 121 Hron, J.; Lebzelter, T.; Paladini, C.; Uttenthaler, S.; Aringer, B.; Wiedemann, G.
497 Into the Modelling of RU Vir 137 Rau, G.; Hron, J.; Paladini, C.; Eriksson, K.; Aringer, B.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Mečina, M.
497 Winds of Binary AGB Stars as Observed by Herschel 181 Mayer, A.; Jorissen, A.; Kerschbaum, F.; Ottensamer, R.; Mečina, M.; Paladini, C.; Cox, N. L. J.; Nowotny, W.; Aringer, B.; Pourbaix, D.; Mohamed, S.; Siopis, C.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.
497 The Challenges of Abundance Analysis for Long–Period Variables 283 Lebzelter, T.; Nowotny, W.; Hinkle, K. H.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Heiter, U.
497 Fluorine Abundances of AGB Stars in Stellar Clusters 305 Hren, A.; Lebzelter, T.; Aringer, B.; Hinkle, K. H.; Nowotny, W.
497 Exploring Mass-Loss in M-type AGB Stars 345 Bladh, S.; Höfner, S.; Aringer, B.; Eriksson, K.
497 How Important Are Metal-Poor AGB Stars As Cosmic Dust Producers? 385 Mattsson, L.; Aringer, B.; Andersen, A. C.
497 Dust in Stellar Winds: A Micro- and Macroscopic View 395 Mečina, M.; Groenewegen, M. A. T.; Kerschbaum, F.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.; Ottensamer, R.; Mayer, A.; Luntzer, A.
497 Modelling the AGB Dust Evolution 397 Nowotny, W.; Gail, H.-P.; Posch, Th.; Aringer, B.
497 Constraining Mass Loss and Lifetimes of Low Mass, Low Metallicity AGB Stars 423 Rosenfield, P.; Marigo, P.; Girardi, L.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Bressan, A.; Gullieuszik, M.; Weisz, D. R.; Williams, B. F.; Dolphin, A.; Aringer, B.
497 Where is the Metallicity Ceiling to Form Carbon Stars? – A Scarcity of Carbon Stars in the Inner Disk of M31 479 Boyer, M. L.; Girardi, L.; Marigo, P.; Williams, B. F.; Aringer, B.; Nowotny, W.; Rosenfield, P.; Dorman, C. E.; Guhathakurta, P.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Melbourne, J. L.; Olsen, K. A. G.; Weisz, D. R.
514 Modelling TP-AGB Stars in M31 with PHAT Data 57 Chen, Y.; Marigo, P.; Girardi, L.; Pastorelli, G.; Williams, B. F.; Rosenfield, P.; Dalcanton, J. J.; Aringer, B.; Trabucchi, M