Armandroff, T. E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
13 Globular Cluster Metallicities from CA II Triplet Strengths in Cluster Giants 543 Armandroff, T. E.; Dacosta, G. S.
49 Globular Clusters of the Outer Halo as Probes of the Galaxy's Structure and Early Evolution 167 Armandroff, T. E.
84 The Use of CCDs on Schmidt Telescopes 21 Armandroff, T. E.
90 Binary Stars Near the Turnoff in the Globular Cluster M71 89 Barden, S. C.; Armandroff, T. E.; Pryor, C. P.
92 The Abundance of Oxygen in M 13 379 Pilachowski, C. A.; Armandroff, T. E.
170 A survey for low surface brightness dwarf galaxies around M31 111 Armandroff, T. E.; Davies, J. E.; Jacoby, G. H.