Avila-Reese, Vladimir

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
176 Disk galaxy formation and evolution: models up to intermediate redshifts 406 Firmani, Claudio; Avila-Reese, Vladimir
197 Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution of Disk Galaxies in a Hierarchical Formation Scenario 445 Firmani, Claudio; Avila-Reese, Vladimir
215 Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies within Cold Dark Matter Halos 31 Avila-Reese, Vladimir; Firmani, Claudio; Klypin, Anatoly; Kravtsov, Andrey
215 On the Origin of the Color Tully-Fisher and Color-Magnitude Relationships of Disk Galaxies 35 Avila-Reese, Vladimir; Firmani, Claudio