Davis, L. E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
52 New Software For the IRAF Stellar Photometry Package 420 Davis, L. E.
52 PHOTCAL: The IRAF Photometric Calibration Package 479 Davis, L. E.; Gigoux, P.
61 A GUI for Aperture Photometry in IRAF 75 Davis, L. E.
77 Registering, PSF-Matching and Intensity-Matching Images in IRAF 297 Phillips, A. C.; Davis, L. E.
101 World Coordinate System Based Image Registration Tools for IRAF 147 Davis, L. E.
125 CENTERFIT: A Centering Algorithm Library for IRAF 85 Davis, L. E.
145 The Astrometric Properties of the NOAO Mosaic Imager 184 Davis, L. E.
189 Stellar Photometry Tools in IRAF 35 Davis, L. E.
216 A New IRAF Catalog Access Tool for Astrometry 667 Davis, L. E.
238 Automated Photometric Calibration Software For IRAF 511 Davis, L. E.