Deming, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
212 Prospects for Direct Spectral Detection and Characterization of "Hot Jupiters" 308 Deming, D.; Wiedemann, G.; Bjoraker, G.
236 Mapping of Vector Magnetic Fields at 12 μm 273 Jennings, D. E.; Deming, D.; Sada, P. V.; McCabe, G. H.; Moran, T.
294 Infrared Transit Spectroscopy of HD 209458b 471 Harrington, J.; Deming, D.; Goukenleuque, C.; Matthews, K.; Richardson, L. J.; Steyert, D.; Wiedemann, G.; Zeehandelaar, D.
321 Strong Limits on the Infrared Spectrum of HD209458 b near 2.2 μm 211 Richardson, L.J.; Deming, D.; Seager, S.
366 A Ground-Based Search for L Band Thermal Emission from TrES-1 259 Knutson, H.A.; Charbonneau, D.; Deming, D.; Richardson, L.J.
420 Transit Spectroscopy of the Extrasolar Planet HD 209458b 321 Rojo, P.; Harrington, J.; Deming, D.; Fortney, J.
430 Exoplanets Forum 2008 21 Traub, W. A.; Lawson, P. R.; Unwin, S. C.; Muterspaugh, M. W.; Soummer, R.; Danchi, W. C.; Hinz, P.; Gaudi, B. S.; Torres, G.; Deming, D.; Lazio, J.; Dressler, A.
523 Modeling Effects of Stellar UV-Driven Photochemistry on the Transit Spectra of Moist Rocky Atmospheres Around M Dwarfs 467 Badhan, M. A.; Wolf, E. T.; Kopparapu, R. K.; Arney, G.; Kempton, E. M.; Deming, D.; Domagal-Goldman, S.