Dencheva, N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
376 Multi-resolution Image Registration Algorithm(MIRA): Robust Automated Image Registration Using Python 449 Hack, W.J.; Dencheva, N.
442 Improving Position Accuracy in Archived HST Images 73 Dencheva, N.; Hack, W.; Droetboom, M.; Fruchter, A.; Greenfield, P.
475 DrizzlePac: Managing Multi-component WCS Solutions for HST Data 49 Hack, W. J.; Dencheva, N.; Fruchter, A. S.
475 Headerlets: Share HST Astrometric Solutions Without the Data 207 Dencheva, N.; Hack, W.; Fruchter, A.
512 GWCS: A Library for Managing World Coordinate Systems 609 Dencheva, N.; Greenfield, P.; Droettboom, M.
522 Using GWCS to Create the World Coordinate System Models for JWST Wide Field Slitless Modes 739 Sosey, M.; Dencheva, N.
523 GWCS - A General Approach to Astronomical World Coordinates 535 Dencheva, N.; Greenfield, P.