Dopita, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
98 Shocks and the Evolution of Active Galaxies 259 Dopita, M.; Bicknell, G. V.; Sutherland, R. S.
221 Calibrating Nebular Diagnostics of T* and Abundance 79 Oey, M. S.; Shields, J.; Dopita, M.; Smith, R.
290 Dust and Radiation Pressure in Narrow Line Regions 207 Groves, B.; Dopita, M.
381 Spitzer Observations of Stephan’s Quintet – IGM Dust and Gas in a Multi-galaxy Collision 88 Xu, C.K.; Appleton, P.N.; Dopita, M.; Gao, Y.; Lu, N.Y.; Popescu, C.; Reach, W.T.; Sulentic, J.; Tuffs, R.; Yun, M.
421 Dust Emission from Stephan’s Quintet 272 Natale, G.; Tuffs, R.; Popescu, C.; Xu, C. K.; Fischera, J.; Lu, N.; Appleton, P.; Dopita, M.; Sulentic, J.; Gao, Y.; Yun, M.; Reach, W.; Boulanger, F.; Ogle, P.; Duc, P. A.; des Forets, G. P.
477 The Star Formation Efficiency in Stephan's Quintet Intragroup Regions 73 Natale, G.; Tuffs, R. J.; Xu, C. K.; Popescu, C. C.; Fischera, J.; Lisenfeld, U.; Lu, N.; Appleton, P.; Dopita, M.; Duc, P.-A.; Gao, Y.; Reach, W.; Sulentic, J.; Yun, M.
512 Using an Artificial Neural Network to Classify Multi-component Emission Line Fits 221 Hampton, E. J.; Groves, B.; Medling, A.; Davies, R.; Dopita, M.; Ho, I.-T.; Kaasinen, M.; Kewley, L.; Leslie, S.; Sharp, R.; Sweet, S. M.; Thomas, A. D.; SAMI Survey Team, S7 Team