Drake, S. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
26 The Class of RadioEmitting Magnetic B Stars; a Wind-Fed Magnetospheric Model 325 Linsky, J. L.; Drake, S. A.; Bastian, T. S.
26 Four Years of Monitoring a Orionis with the VLA: Where have all the Flares Gone? 455 Drake, S. A.; Bookbinder, J. A.; Florkowski, D. R.; Linsky, J. L.; Simon, T.; Stencel, R. E.
64 An Efficient Way of Identifying New Active Stars: A VLA Survey of X-Ray-Selected Active Stellar Candidates 690 Drake, S. A.; Simon, T.; Linsky, J. L.; White, N. E.
93 The Radio Outburst of eta Carinae 59 White, S. M.; Duncan, R. A.; Lim, J.; Drake, S. A.; Kundu, M. R.
93 Rotational Modulation of Radio Emission from the Magnetic BP Star HR 5624 324 Lim, J.; Drake, S. A.; Linsky, J. L.
99 X-Ray Measurements of Coronal Abundances 215 Drake, S. A.
99 ACSA Measurements of Coronal Elemental Abundances in an Active KO Dwarf Star 227 Singh, K. P.; Drake, S. A.; White, N. E.
109 An analysis of the ASCA spectra of the active giants Beta CET and Capella using the new MEKAL coronal plasma code 263 Drake, S. A.; Singh, K. P.; White, N. E.; Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J. S.
109 X-ray emission of RS CVn's versus Algol-type binaries 663 Singh, K. P.; Drake, S. A.; White, N. E.
120 The Radio Outbursts from Eta Carinae 282 White, S. M.; Duncan, R. A.; Lim, J.; Drake, S. A.
158 High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy: What will AXAF tell us about Stellar Coronae? 374 Drake, S. A.
179 Resolving X-ray Temporal Variations in η Carinae 266 Ishibashi, K.; Davidson, M. F.; Corcoran, K.; Drake, S. A.; Swank, J. H.; Petre, R.
223 The X-Ray and Radio Emission Properties of Rapidly Rotating Cool Giants (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/drake) 919 Drake, S. A.; Simon, T.; Florkowski, D. R.
295 Automated Object Classification with ClassX 419 Suchkov, A. A.; Hanisch, R. J.; White, R. L.; Postman, M.; Donahue, M. E.; McGlynn, T. A.; Angelini, L.; Corcoran, M. F.; Drake, S. A.; Pence, W. D.; White, N.; Winter, E. L.; Genova, F.; Ochsenbein, F.; Fernique, P.; Derriere, S.