Title: Solar and Stellar Activity: Similarities and Differences
Volume: 158 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Butler, C. J.; Doyle, J. G.
ISBN: 1-886733-78-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-494-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Magnetic Fields in the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram 3 Linsky, J. L.
The Dynamic Nature of the Solar Magnetic Field 15 Schrijver, C. J.; Title, A. M.
Surface Magnetic Fields of Late-type Stars 27 Donati, J.-F.
Magnetic Activity and Variability in Stellar Coronae (EUV) 38 Mathioudakis, M.
X-ray Magnetic Activity and Variability in Stellar Coronae: What are the Limits of the Standard Picture? 47 Stern, R. A.
The Dutch Open Telescope 57 Rutten, R. J.; Hammerschlag, R. H.; Bettonvil, F. C. M.
Chromospheric Activity in Low Mass Stars: Observational Results from Clusters and the Field 63 Hawley, S. L.; Reid, I. N.; Gizis, J. E.; Byrne, P. B.
X-rays from Open Clusters 75 Jeffries, R. D.
Activity in Pre-Main Sequence and Very Active Stars 87 Walter, F. M.
Magnetic A-quenching and Grand Activity Minima 99 Rüdiger, G.; Arlt, R.; Küker, M.
X-rays from NGC 6633 103 Totten, E. J.; Jeffries, R. D.; Harmer, S.
Spots and Plages: the Solar Perspective 109 Solanki, S. K.
Observations and Modelling of Starspots: A Tool to Understand Stellar Dynamos 121 Lanza, A. F.; Rodono, M.
New Perspectives on Solar Prominences 133 Schmieder, B.
Stellar Prominences 146 Collier Cameron, A.
Do Polar Spots exist? 158 Aarum, V.
Observations of Hydrogen and Helium Continua in Solar Prominences 162 Andretta, V.; Kucera, T. A.; Poland, A. I.
Long-Term SPOT Activity on Both Components of BY DRA 166 Kövári, Zs.
What can we learn from Modelling the Sun as a Star? 170 Oláh, K.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Kővári, Zs.; Bartus, J.
Rotation and Cycle Lengths of Active Stars 174 Oláh, K.; Kolláth, Zs.
On the Determination of SPOT Parameters in Active Late-Type Stars 178 Zboril, M.; Byrne, P. B.; Amado, P. J.; Gunn, A. G.
Can Chromospheric Activity mimic a Polar Spot? 182 Bruls, J. H. M. J.; Schüssler, M.; Solanki, S. K.
Stellar Flares: Theory and Observations 189 van den Oord, G. H. J.
The Nature of Flares and Flare-like Phenomena on the Sun 201 Phillips, K. J. H.
Dynamical Solar Flare Model Atmospheres 212 Abbett, W. P.; Hawley, S. L.
Observations and Modelling of a Flare on AD Leo 222 Jevremovic, D.; Butler, C. J.; Doyle, J. G.
A Long-Duration Flare on the X-ray/EUV Selected, Chromospherically Active Binary 2RE J0743+224 226 Montes, D.; Ramsey, L. W.
Circumstellar Activity and Flares in FK Comae: New Results from the ESA MUSICOS Spectrograph on the INT 230 Oliveira, J. M.; Foing, B. H.
Benchmarking the MEKAL Spectral Synthesis Code with High Resolution Solar X-ray Spectra 235 Phillips, K. J. H.; Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J.
On the Use of the Rise Phase in Estimating Flare Dimensions 239 Preś , P.
Light Curve Variation and Flare Eruption in the Sun and Stars 243 Teriaca, L.; Catalano, S.
Dynamics of the Quiet Solar Chromosphere 249 Rutten, R. J.; Lites, B. W.; Berger, T. E.; Shine, R. A.
Theoretical Chromosphere Models 260 Ulmschneider, P.
Two-Component Chromosphere Models: Observations versus Simulations 273 Cuntz, M.
Diagnostics of Stellar Chromospheres and Transition Regions 285 Lanzafame, A. C.
Oscillations in Chromospheric Network Bright Points 297 Banerjee, D.; Doyle, J. G.; O'Shea, E.
Chromospheric Activity of ROSAT-discovered Weak-line T Tauri Stars 302 Montes, D.; Ramsey, L. W.
Radiative Transfer for Grabs 306 Rutten, R. J.
Multiwavelength Optical Observations of the Chromospherically Active Binary System MS SER 307 Sanz-Forcada, J.; Montes, D.; Fernández-Figueroa, M. J.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.
The Chromosphere of II Peg: Multi-line Modelling of an RS CVn Star 311 Short, C. I.; Byrne, P. B.
The Wilson-Bappu Relation for RS CVn Stars 315 Özeren, F. F.; Doyle, J. G.
How is the Solar Corona Heated? 321 Priest, E. R.
X-ray Coronae of Stars: Some Theoretical Questions 334 Pallavicini, R.
SOHO - Where has the Quiet Sun gone? 348 Mason, H. E.
SUMER Observations of Doppler Shifts in the Quiet Sun and an Active Region 362 Teriaca, L.; Doyle, J. G.; Banerjee, D.
Line Width Variations above a Coronal Hole: Implications for Heating 366 Doyle, J. G.; Teriaca, L.; Banerjee, D.
Tales of an Elephant's Trunk 370 Bromage, B. J. I.; Clegg, J. R.; Del Zanna, G.; Thompson, B.
High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy: What will AXAF tell us about Stellar Coronae? 374 Drake, S. A.
Coronal Bright Points and the Magnetic Field Association 380 Pres, P.; Phillips, K. J. H.
Turbulent Bursts in the Solar Transition Region 383 O'Shea, E.; Doyle, J. G.
Observations of Explosive Events in the Solar Atmosphere 387 Pérez, M. E.; Doyle, J. G.
The Solar-Stellar Connection in X-rays: How to Take Advantage of the YOHKOH data 391 Peres, G.; Orlando, S.; Reale, F.; Rosner, R.; Hudson, H.
Super-Saturation: The Myth Exploded! 395 James, D. J.; Collier Cameron, A.; Jeffries, R. D.; Jardine, M. M.; Ferreira, J. M.
Activity in the Sun and Late-type Stars - What have we Learned so Far? 401 Linsky, J. L.