Dupuis, J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
226 Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer Observations of the White Dwarf GD 246 90 Chayer, P.; Kruk, J. W.; Vennes, S.; Dupuis, J.
226 EUVE Observations of Ultra-Massive White Dwarfs 124 Dupuis, J.; Vennes, S.; Chayer, P.
226 The Mysteries of GD394 257 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, St├ęphane; Christian, D. J.; Kruk, J. W.
262 Chandra Observations of Hot White Dwarf Stars 57 Vennes, S.; Dupuis, J.
264 White Dwarfs after EUVE 15 Dupuis, J.
264 A Comparison of EUVE Fluxes with Absolute Stellar Calibration at Longer Wavelengths 57 Sing, D.; Holberg, J. B.; Dupuis, J.
334 Is the Distribution of Nitrogen in the Atmospheres of Hot DA White Dwarfs Inhomogeneous? 181 Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Dupuis, J.
334 Lyman Line Spectroscopy of Hot Hydrogen-Rich White Dwarfs Revisited 185 Vennes, S.; Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Lanz, T.
334 Results from a FUSE Survey of Hot White Dwarfs 191 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.; Torres, L.M.; Sanchez, P.J.
348 D/H along the line of sight of REJ1738+665 76 Dupuis, J.; Hebrard, G.; Oliveira, C.M.; Moos, H.W.; Sonnentrucker, P.
348 Interstellar deuterium abundance on the distant line of sight of HD90087 82 Hebrard, G.; Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Moos, H.W.; Sonnentrucker, P.; Tripp, T.M.; Williger, G.M.
348 The sight line towards WD2116+736 with FUSE: H, N, O and more 94 Sonnentrucker, P.; Dupuis, J.; Vennes, S.; Hebrard, G.; Friedman, S.D.; Oliveira, C.M.; Moos, H.W.
348 The D/H Ratio towards PG 0038+199 97 Williger, G.M.; Oliveira, C.; Hebrard, G.; Dupuis, J.; Dreizler, S.
348 Opacity in the transition region of cool dwarfs: A powerful diagnostic 159 Mathioudakis, M.; Christian, D.J.; Bloomfield, D.S.; Keenan, F.P.; Linsky, J.L.; Dupuis, J.
348 FUSE studies of quasi-molecular satellites in the Lyman lines of white dwarfs 200 Dupuis, J.; Allard, N.F.; Hebrard, G.; Chayer, P.; Kruk, J.W.; Vennes, S.
348 Probing the Atmospheres of Hot DA White Dwarfs with O VI 209 Chayer, P.; Oliveira, C.; Dupuis, J.; Moos, H.W.; Welsh, B.Y.
348 Metals in White Dwarfs: Results from a FUSE Survey 221 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.
348 Measuring the Projected Rotational Velocity of KPD 1930+2752 227 Godard, B.; Chayer, P.; Fontaine, G.; Dixon, W.V.; Dupuis, J.; Kruk, J.W.
348 O/H in the Local Bubble 454 Oliveira, C.M.; Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Moos, H.W.
348 Hydrogen Column Density Measurements toward White Dwarfs for D/H Studies 460 Vennes, S.; Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Moos, H.W.; Lanz, T.
348 FUSE calibration pipeline version 3.0 550 Godard, B.; Dixon, W.V.; Dupuis, J.; Robinson, R.D.; Sahnow, D.J.; Sonnentrucker, P.; Fullerton, A.W.; Kaiser, M.E.; Massa, D.; Lindler, D.J.; Barrett, P.; Hsu, J.-C.; Romelfanger, M.L.
372 Abundances of Light Elements in Hot White Dwarf Atmospheres 205 Dupuis, J.; Chayer, P.; Vennes, S.; Kruk, J.W.; Henaul-Brunet, V.
372 A Spectroscopic Study of the Far-Ultraviolet Spectrum of the DAZ White Dwarf EG102 261 Dupuis, J.; Bouabid, M.-P.; Wesemael, F.; Chayer, P.
493 Detection of Arsenic in the Atmospheres of Dying Stars 3 Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Kruk, J. W.
493 Metal Accretion onto White Dwarfs. II. A Better Approach Based on Time-Dependent Calculations in Static Models 117 Fontaine, G.; Chayer, P.; Dupuis, J.; Dufour, P.; Brassard, P.