Kneib, J.-P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
156 High Resolution Data on the Cloverleaf in the UV and in CO(7-6): a New Model of the Lens and a Model of the Molecular Region in the Quasar at Z = 2.56 64 Alloin, D.; Mellier, Y.; Kneib, J.-P.
191 Photometric Redshifts in Lensing Clusters: Identification and Calibration of Faint High Redshift Galaxies 241 Pelló, R.; Kneib, J.-P.; Bolzonella, M.; Miralles, J. M.
191 The Nature of the Lens-System Towards the Cloverleaf 285 Alloin, D.; Kneib, J.-P.; Pelló, R.
193 Galaxy counts at 450 μm and 850 μm 246 Blain, A. W.; Ivison, R. J.; Kneib, J.-P.; Smail, I.
193 Submillimeter-selected galaxies 425 Blain, A. W.; Smail, I.; Ivison, R. J.; Kneib, J.-P.
200 An ISOCAM Survey through Gravitationally Lensing Galaxy Clusters 101 Biviano, A.; Metcalfe, L.; Altieri, B.; Leech, K.; Schulz, B.; Kessler, M. F.; McBreen, B.; Delaney, M.; Kneib, J.-P.; Soucail, G.; Okumura, K.; Elbaz, D.; Aussel, H.
200 Properties of High-Redshift Galaxies as Seen Through Lensing Clusters 309 Pelló, R.; Kneib, J.-P.; Le Borgne, J.-F.; Fort, B.; Mellier, Y.; Bolzonella, M.; Campusano, L.; Dantel-Fort, M.; Miralles, J.-M.
237 A Wide-Field Spectroscopic Survey in the Cluster Lens C10024+17 309 Czoske, O.; Soucail, G.; Kneib, J.-P.; Bridges, T.; Cuillandre, J.-C.; Mellier, Y.
237 Distant Galaxies as seen through Lensing Clusters 335 Pelló, R.; Kneib, J.-P.; Fort, B.; Mellier, Y.; Maoli, R.
237 Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing in Clusters: New Results 391 Natarajan, P.; Kneib, J.-P.; Smail, I.
268 A Wide Field Survey of the Distant Rich Cluster C10024+1654 277 Treu, T.; Ellis, R. S.; Trivedi, P.; Kneib, J.-P.; Dressler, A.; Oemler, A.; Natarajan, P.; Smail, I. R.
268 Constraints on (Ωm, Ωλ) from Strong Lensing Clusters 377 Golse, G.; Kneib, J.-P.; Soucail, G.
357 The Spitzer Massive Lensing Cluster Survey 242 Egami, E.; Rieke, G.H.; Rigby, J.R.; Papovich, C.; Kneib, J.-P.; Smith, G.P.; Le Floc'h, E.; Misselt, K.A.; Perez-Gonzalez, P.G.; Huang, J.-S.; Dole, H.; Frayer, D.T.
380 News from z ∼ 610 Galaxy Candidates Found Behind Gravitational Lensing Clusters 67 Schaerer, D.; Pello, R.; Egami, E.; Hempel, A.; Richard, J.; Le Borgne, J.-F.; Kneib, J.-P.; Wise, M.; Boone, F.; Combes, F.
381 Extending the Redshift Distribution of Submm Galaxies: Identification of a z ≈ 4 Submm Galaxy 372 Knudsen, K.K.; Kneib, J.-P.; Egami, E.
418 The Deepest Image of the Universe at a Wavelength of 15 microns 499 Hopwood, R.; Serjeant, S.; Negrello, M.; Pearson, C.; Egami, E.; Im, M.; Kneib, J.-P.; Ko, J.; Smail, I.
442 The COSMOS Information Systems at LAM 21 Moreau, C.; Gimenez, S.; Kneib, J.-P.; Tasca, L.
446 Modeling the Double Source-Plane Gravitational Lens 137 Tu, H.; Gavazzi, R.; Limousin, M.; Cabanac, R.; Marshall, P. J.; Fort, B.; Treu, T.; Péllo, R.; Jullo, E.; Kneib, J.-P.; Sygnet, J.-F.
477 3D Kinematics of a z1.3 Lensed Clumpy Galaxy 301 Lemoine-Busserolle, M.; Sánchez, S. F.; Kissler-Patig, M.; Pelló, R.; Bunker, A.; Kneib, J.-P.