Krishnamurthi, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
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198 Are the shapes of coronal emission measure distributions controlled by rotation and convection zone parameters? 467 Linsky, J. L.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Gagné, M.; Güdel, M.
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223 Searches for Magnetic Activity at the Bottom of the Main Sequence and Beyond (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/krishnam) 1538 Krishnamurthi, A.; Terndrup, D. M.; Linsky, J. L.; Leto, G.
389 Astronomy Professional Development Workshops for After-School Program Providers 33 Lutz, J.; Washburn, K.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Gibbons, H.
389 Astronomy After-School Programs: Effective Pathways to Success 47 Krishnamurthi, A.; Porro, I.
389 Portfolio on a Shoestring 335 Mitchell, S.E.; Barbier, S.B.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Lochner, J.C.
400 Big Explosions and Strong Gravity: NASA/Girl Scout Project Searching for Nationwide Partners 204 Eyermann, S.E.; Hornschemeier, A.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Feaga, L.
400 Afterschool Universe: Bringing Astronomy Down to Earth 415 Krishnamurthi, A.; Eyermann, S.E.; Mitchell, S.E.; Lochner, J.C.
431 Successful EPO Strategies for Engaging Girls and Young Women in Astronomy 223 Sharma, M.; Smith, D. A.; Dussault, M.; Hasan, H.; Krishnamurthi, A.; Lowes, L.; Stimmer, M.
431 Using IYA to Bring the Universe Down to Earth in the Metro DC Area 363 Krishnamurthi, A.; Lochner, J. C.; Conaty, C.; Eyermann, S.; Ferrell, T.; Gliba, G.; Griswold, B.; Masetti, M.; Mitchell, S.; Reddy, F.; Toth, T.; VanDoren, A.