Olson, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
25 Overview of the Data Analysis System for the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Project 496 Vedder, P. W.; Dobson, C. A.; Marshall, H. L.; Marchant, W.; Saba, V.; Hopkins, A.; Olson, E.; Flanagan, J.; Hawkins, I.; Girouard, F.; Machi, F.; Lewis, J.
61 Determining Wavelength Scales for the EUVE Spectrometers 323 Boyd, W.; Jelinsky, P.; Olson, E.; Abbott, M.; Christian, C.
101 ETOOLS: Tools for Photon Event Data 57 Abbott, M.; Kilsdonk, T.; Olson, E.; Christian, C.; Conroy, M.; Brissenden, R.; van Stone, D.; Herrero, J.
125 ETOOLS: Tools for Photon Event Data 96 Abbott, M.; Kilsdonk, T.; Christian, C.; Olson, E.; Conroy, M.; Herrero, J.; Brissenden, R.