Quirrenbach, A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
132 ISO Study of the Recombination Line Maser Star MWC 349 107 Thum, C.; Martin-Pintado, J.; Quirrenbach, A.; Matthews, H. E.
159 Unusual Radio Variability in the BL Lac Object 0235+164 67 Kraus, A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Lobanov, A.; Krichbaum, T. P.; Schneider, P.; Wagner, S. J.; Heidt, J.; Bock, H.; Witzel, A.; Aller, M.; Aller, H.
194 Testing Hipparcos K Giants as Grid Stars for SIM 128 Frink, S.; Quirrenbach, A.; Röser, S.; Schilbach, E.
195 Image Slicing with Infrared Fibers 508 Larkin, J. E.; Quirrenbach, A.; Graham, J. R.
219 1998 La Palma International Time Programme: Formation and Properties of Planetary Systems 3 Eiroa, C.; Mora, A.; Palacios, J.; Alberdi, A.; Miranda, L. F.; Cameron, A.; Horne, K.; Tsapras, Y.; Davies, L. K.; Deeg, H. J.; Garzón, F.; de Winter, D.; Ferlet, R.; Grady, C. A.; Harris, A.; Rauer, H.; Merín, B.; Montesinos, B.; Solano, E.; Oudmaijer, R.; Penny, A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Schneider, J.; Wesselius, P. R.
219 EXPORT: Search for Transits in Open Clusters with the Jakobus Kapteyn and the Lick 1 m Telescopes (Contributed Talk) 566 Quirrenbach, A.; Cooke, J.; Mitchell, D.; Safizadeh, N.; Deeg, H.; Export
219 A Search for Planetary Transits in Open Clusters (Contributed Talk) 572 Street, R. A.; Horne, K.; Penny, A.; Tsapras, Y.; Quirrenbach, A.; Safizadeh, N.; Cooke, J.; Mitchell, D.; Cameron, A. C.
242 Spectroscopy of the Peculiar Emission Line Star MWC349 183 Quirrenbach, A.; Frink, S.; Thum, C.
266 Site Testing and Site Monitoring for Extremely Large Telescopes 516 Quirrenbach, A.
294 University of St. Andrews Open Cluster Survey for Hot Jupiters 401 Street, R. A.; Horne, K.; Collier Cameron, A.; Tsapras, Y.; Bramich, D.; Penny, A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Safizadeh, N.; Mitchell, D.; Cooke, J.
294 The Planet Finder: Proposal for a 2nd Generation VLT Instrument 569 Feldt, M.; Hippler, S.; Henning, Th.; Gratton, R.; Turatto, M.; Waters, R.; Quirrenbach, A.
295 Adaptive Optics Software on the CfAO Web Page 399 Quirrenbach, A.; Junkkarinen, V.; Köhler, R.
338 PRIMA Astrometry Operations and Software 146 Bakker, E.J.; Tubbs, B.; Quirrenbach, A.; Jaffe, W.; Le Poole, R.; Reffert, S.; de Jong, J.
338 Choosing Suitable Target, Reference and Calibration Stars for the PRIMA Astrometric Planet Search 81 Reffert, S.; Launhardt, R.; Hekker, S.; Henning, T.; Queloz, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Segransan, D.; Setiawan, J.
338 Towards High-Precision Ground-Based Astrometry: Differential Delay Lines for PRIMA@VLTI 167 Launhardt, R.; Henning, Th.; Queloz, D.; Quirrenbach, A.; Bakker, E.J.; Baumeister, H.; Bizenberger, P.; Bleuler, H.; Dandliker, R.; Delplancke, F.; Derie, F.; Fleury, M.; Glindemann, A.; Gillet, D.; Hanenburg, H.; Jaffe, W.; de Jong, J.A.; Kohler, R.; Maire, C.; Mathar, R.J.; Michellod, Y.; Mullhaupt, P.; Murakawa, K.; Pepe, F.; Le Poole, R.S.; Pragt, J.; Reffert, S.; Sache, L.; Scherler, O.; Segransan, D.; Setiawan, J.; Sosnowska, D.; Tubbs, R.N.; Venema, L.; Wagner, K.; Weber, L.; Wuthrich, R.
343 Polarization in Optical/Infrared Interferometry 28 Quirrenbach, A.; Albrecht, S.
343 ZIMPOL/CHEOPS: a Polarimetric Imager for the Direct Detection of Extra-solar Planets 89 Schmid, H.M.; Gisler, D.; Joos, F.; Povel, H.P.; Stenflo, J.O.; Feldt, M.; Lenzen, R.; Brandner, W.; Tinbergen, J.; Quirrenbach, A.; Stuik, R.; Gratton, R.; Turatto, M.; Neuhaeuser, R.
343 Spectropolarimetry of CH4 Bands of Solar System Planets 189 Joos, F.; Schmid, H.M.; Gisler, D.; Feldt, M.; Brandner, W.; Stam, D.M.; Quirrenbach, A.; Stuik, R.
355 VLTI-MIDI Observations of MWC349A 239 Quirrenbach, A.; Albrecht, S.; Tubbs, R.N.
370 The Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect in the Eclipsing Binary System V1143 Cyg First Results 218 Albrecht, S.; Reffert, S.; Quirrenbach, A.; Mitchell, D.S.; Snellen, I.
373 AGN Research with Future Interferometric Arrays 697 Quirrenbach, A.
376 The PRIMA Astrometric Data Reduction Software 289 de Jong, J.A.; Delplancke, F.; Palsa, R.; Ballester, P.; Quirrenbach, A.; Elias, N.; Reffert, S.; Koehler, R.; Launhardt, R.; Tubbs, R.; Stilz, I.; Henning, T.; Megevand, D.; Segransan, D.; Pepe, F.; Queloz, D.
420 Characterizing Other Earths: Why and How 361 Quirrenbach, A.
430 Review from the Blue Dots Astrometry Working Group 84 Malbet, F.; Sozzetti, A.; Lazorenko, P.; Launhardt, R.; Ségransan, D.; Delplancke, F.; Elias, N.; Muterspaugh, M. W.; Quirrenbach, A.; Reffert, S.; van Belle, G.
430 CARMENES: Calar Alto High-Resolution Search for M Dwarfs with Exo-earths with a Near-infrared Echelle Spectrograph 521 Quirrenbach, A.; Amado, P. J.; Mandel, H.; Caballero, J. A.; Ribas, I.; Reiners, A.; Mundt, The CARMENES Consortium
448 CARMENES: Towards the Detection of Exoearths 581 Caballero, J. A.; Quirrenbach, A.; Amado, P. J.; Mandel, H.; Ribas, I.; Reiners, A.; Mundt, R.; Seifert, W.; Sánchez-Carrasco, M. A.; CARMENES Consortium
487 Software for Astrometry with PRIMA at the VLTI 321 Köhler, R.; Launhardt, R.; Quirrenbach, A.; Henning, T.; Queloz, D.
497 VLTI/AMBER Studies of the Atmospheric Structure and Fundamental Parameters of Red Giant and Supergiant Stars 91 Arroyo-Torres, B.; Wittkowski, M.; Marcaide, J. M.; Abellan, F. J.; Chiavassa, A.; Fabregat, J.; Freytag, B.; Guirado, J. C.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Marti-Vidal, I.; Quirrenbach, A.; Scholz, M.; Wood, P. R.
506 OHANA, the AMBER/VLTI Snapshot Survey 309 Rivinius, T.; de Wit, W.; Demers, Z.; Quirrenbach, A.; VLTI Science Operations Team